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Publications for Sale

Click here to see a list of our NCHSC publications. They cover a variety of historical topics -- from our county courts to the Battle of Great Bridge to our waterways and those who navigated them. 

Click here for a list of other publications and items for sale.  

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Read past issues of our

NCHSC newsletter The Historian,

Historic Reminiscing 
Robert Hitchings

Our Archivist/Historian and President, Robert Hitchings, shares his blog for history fans, and we are sharing it with you! Find it here: 

Event Calendar

September 2023


4 Sep

NCHSC Board Meeting

via ZOOM

12 Sept   7:00 pm

NCHSC Membership Meeting

17 Sept   2:00 pm

City of Chesapeake and NCHSC 60th Anniversary Exhibit

1 Sept -- 31 Oct

October 2023


9 Oct

November 2023


7, 10, & 22-26 Nov

NCHSC Board Meeting Via ZOOM

14 Nov   7:00 pm


NCHSC Membership Meeting

19 Nov   2:00 pm

December 2023

Battle of Great Bridge Reenactment

2 & 3 Dec

SAR/DAR Battle of Great Bridge
Commemoration/Wreath Laying

2 Dec   11:00am


22-26 & 31 Dec

60th Anniversary Notation.png
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