Wallace Memorial History Room
Wallace Memorial History Room

1907-11-01 Jamestowne Exposition Norfolk
1907-11-01 Jamestowne Exposition Norfolk

1963-01-02 First Chesapeake City Council
1963-01-02 First Chesapeake City Council

Wallace Memorial History Room
Wallace Memorial History Room


In Remembrance of 

James Curtin, 

NCHSC Board Member

We are mourning the loss of long-time NCHSC board member Jim Curtin, who passed away on February 12, 2021. Jim was born in New Jersey, spent much of his childhood in North Carolina, but moved with his family to Portsmouth, Virginia, where he graduated from Cradock High School in 1954. 


He pursued his lifelong fascination with “anything that runs on wheels” by becoming a railroad brakeman for the Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad, a Greyhound bus driver, and a local truck driver. When he retired from trucking, we became active in the National Railway Historical Society, and eventually became president, where he helped restore old rail cars. He collected toy and model trains and was member of the Train Collectors Association. 


Jim also had a passion for U. S. history and was active in a number of historical organizations, including the NCHSC and Railroad Museum of Virginia. His knowledge of local history was well-known. This 2007 Virginian-Pilot article by Tony Stein about the history of mass transit in South Norfolk features two or our favorite local historians and former board members of the NCHSC, Raymond Harper and Jim Curtin.  Read it here. 


We will remember Jim for his passion for and knowledge of local history, but also for his kind and gentle manner and his willingness to help where needed. He never met a stranger. His “gift of gab” was particularly helpful during history festivals and reenactments, where he would dress in period costume and share his knowledge of colonial life or Civil War life in Virginia. 


Our president and archivist/historian, Robert Hitchings, has written a fitting tribute to his friend and board member, Jim Curtin. Read Robert's tribute. 


We will sorely miss our friend Jim. 

James Curtin,  Obituary

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Jim Curtin at the
GBBWF Heritage Festival

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Historical Reminiscing

Robert B. Hitchings

Do you miss seeing articles about local history in the Virginian-Pilot? So do we. Not to fret!


Our Archivist/Historian and President, Robert Hitchings, shares his blog for history fans, and we are sharing it with you! 

We are also sharing his posts on Facebook. 


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